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Data Updated: 20.04.2024 History
Volkswagen 20.04.2024 (Filelist)
Nutzfahrzeuge 19.04.2024 (Filelist)
Audi 18.04.2024 (Filelist)
Skoda 16.04.2024 (Filelist)
Seat 16.04.2024 (Filelist)
Bentley 12.04.2024 (Filelist)
Lamborghini 11.04.2024 (Filelist)
MAN 19.03.2024 (Filelist)
Additional things
MQB BCM Flashident A collection of MQB BCM infos. thx @ Medusa852
MQB ABS Flashinfo A collection of MQB ABS infos. thx @ Medusa852
Infos about version logic
MIB-Helper A tool to check MIB radio SW version, map updates, etc. by entering SW Train
Alldata-Watch A tool, which watch for TSB changes inside Alldata
cartechnology.co.uk Nice automotive forum