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News (09.02.2022) - Some fresh air!
Iam working on v2 of the website:

No ETA, its done when its done. Stay tuned.

Ah, efore I forget it: Please dont ask for file downloads or specific files via the survey. Its not thought for those questions. And to answer those questions: No.
News (11.01.2022) - Survey
If you have a minute, feel free to participate: Open survey
News (03.01.2022) - Happy new year!
Since moths, I wanted to update the page to deal with a new data source. Well, now its in place and working, hopefully. If anyone notices errors, mail me.
News (08.08.2021) - Search engine update!
Due to the change on VW side, I created a static database file which holds all filenames. This is now the source for the search engine. (I had a copy of all file previously and searched within the file system)
News (29.06.2021) - No more flashdisc updates - Again!
VW also closed the new source as well - For all brands. This means no more updates for now. :(
News (05.04.2021) - We're back in business!
The updates are working again!

With big thanks to "fantomel" I have access to genuine and public flash files directly from VW again! I use official data, so there should be no problem to use them.

The auto-updater started its job already ;)
News (16.03.2021) - No more flashdisc updates
VW decided to push an update to their erWin instances on sunday (I guess). I noticed that via my downloader program which was sending error mails.
The flashdisc download links are only available now after purchasing a flatrate (the one with Org-ID). All known .do-pages (downloadODISSoftware, downloadODISFlash, performDownloadODISAction,..) redirect to an error page if not yet paid.
This forces me to stop the automatic downloader for now. Maybe I download newer files time to time for VW and Skoda, because I have to open ElsaPro (and therefore purchase a one hour flat and can prove this). - no, because the flat I need is the one with Org-ID which I dont own.
Any other way would be "illegal" since I only offer flash informations from official erWin offered data.

So long...
News (17.11.2017)
There will be no MAN at this moment, because the erWin-Portal is not accessible right now. I only list data which comes from erWin for public, so we have to wait.

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