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06J906026AG3319 (Size: 1.293,58k)
4061 (Size: 1.293,83k)

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It is NOT possible to download ANY of these file here! Dont send mails about asking this!
You can download all these files by yourself, following this steps:
  1. Click on the brand-Link below
  2. If you dont have an account, open "My erwin" in the top right corner menu -> Click "Registration"
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  3. After Registration & login, hit the Brand link below AGAIN
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News (31.10.2020) UPDATED 07.11.2020 - Happy Halloween!
VW changed something on their side again - since the newest versions (which arrived yesterday) the download speed is now limited to 500k/s. This increases updating waiting time now to 1-2 days instead of max an hour!!
This forces me to update the update mechanism on my side. Instead of disable the VFI page for the whole process, it now will be updating brand for brand without downtime.
I'll try to update the updater mechanism tomorrow but I cant promise to get it working tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The new full automatic updater is ready! It gets triggered every night at 00:00. You can see live update status (if any) insead of the brand date!
News (24.04.2020)
I had a problem with the DNS resolving of which caused some issue reaching this website. Problems are solved, sorry for any inconveniences :)
News (17.11.2017)
There will be no MAN at this moment, because the erWin-Portal is not accessible right now. I only list data which comes from erWin for public, so we have to wait.

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